Greenie hits pedestrian, driver lauded

Leticia Dornfeld
At approximately 9:30 p.m. on Friday, March 24, a person was running across Juniper Road towards the Residence Halls when he was suddenly hit from his right by a Greenie. The driver was travelling down the road at the speed limit and didn’t spot the pedestrian in time to stop.

“He just zoomed right in front of me,” she told The Athenian. “It was like he was running for his life.”

The driver thought that the pedestrian was a student at first before two police officers scurried up to the van and put the pedestrian in handcuffs. The victim turned out to be a man who just stole the backpack and phone of a Case Western Reserve University student walking back to the North Residential Village from the library. The man would’ve gotten away if the driver hadn’t hit him on the road.

Instead of pressing charges against the driver, CWRU Security has decided to award her a $1,500 check.

One of the officers noted, “She did something that CWRU Security hasn’t been able to do since September. Now that we finally have one of the assailants, we can find out who’s leading the other campus muggings and help make CWRU a safe campus again.”

The driver will be awarded the check during a banquet on Friday, April 14 in the Tinkham Veale University Center. Students are welcome to attend the dinner and award ceremony.

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