Guess the butt: Superhero edition

By Anne Nickoloff, Editor-in-Chief

We all know superheroes by their flashy costumes or rock-hard abs. But probably the third most-defining thing any superhero has is a butt.
Furry, green or metal, superhero butts all have something unique to them, something which sets them apart from the average butt and can even risk giving away their secret identities.
Here are 10 of the best superhero butts. Can you name the superhero for each one? Answers here.


1. Known as the “Mistress of the Elements,” this character is known for her older, animated version in a white outfit. Later portrayed by Halle Berry, this character has gone down in superhero history for her weather-related powers.

1. Storm Butt








2. Also portrayed by Halle Berry in its live-action version, this character has some of the most golden one-liners in film history, including “Cats come when they feel like it. Not when they’re told,” and “Meow.”

2. Catwoman Butt










3. Though he’s filled with air, this relatively new hero isn’t too gassy when he’s protecting the streets of San Fransokyo.

3. Baymax Butt










4. This hero’s butt is a little curious; when he transforms from man to monster, his purple shorts always seem to stay perfectly intact! He may be mean and green, but he’s certainly not indecent.

4. Hulk Butt









5. Covered in iron armor, this booty’s shape and structure can’t be mistaken for any other. Who else would go to such lengths to protect such a perfectly-sculpted butt as this?

5. Iron Man Butt








6. A past spy, this female superhero keeps her butt undercover, but not out of sight. Her leather pants show off a derriere that has been worked into shape through years of martial arts.

6. Black Widow Butt











7. This butt is pretty flexible. Actually, it’s so flexible that it serves as a parachute in this animated film. Gross.

7. Mrs. Incredible Butt







8. A butt of many names! This superheroine’s butt can morph into other butts in just seconds. Yowza.

8. Mystique butt










9. “Let’s get something clear! This one here is our booty,” says this character in the latest live action remake of a past cartoon. But whose booty is this? Can you figure out who the cartoon version belongs to?

9. Rocket Raccoon Butt











10. Your friendly neighborhood butt is here to save the day.

10. Spiderman Butt



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