Have low textbook costs? Don’t talk about it.

By Sarah Parr

Sometimes deep regret can stem from is a seemingly innocent, yet braggadocious, Facebook post.

That is one of the things Charity Hope, a rising sophomore who recently declared a triple major in English, Art and History, learned over this summer.

Caught up in the moment of shopping for novels, paints and sourcebooks, Hope couldn’t help but post along with a screenshot of her Amazon “recently purchased” list, “Love my majors, and love these PRICES! #blessed #lovemylife #bringitonCWRU.”

This status update probably pleased Hope’s parents (maybe in some ways more than others) but definitely did not go over well with the STEM students on Hope’s Facebook friend list. Some say that “jealousy” is what plagued them while others hypothesize that what they really felt was a “sense of superiority and entitled accomplishment that actually hurts them deep inside.”

Hope has been receiving lots of hate emails and threatening messages calling her out on her “impulsive,” “privileged” and “insensitive” Facebook post.

Joe Greene, rising senior biochemical engineering major (and former friend to Hope), was one of the students who sent her a threatening message.

“Look, I don’t care what humanities majors study, but they will never understand my wallet’s pain from paying $2000 for one semester’s worth of organic chemistry, calculus and engineering textbooks,” Greene said.

“I just want these people to know that shopping for my majors’ semester’s materials is not as easy as they think,” Hope said. “Sometimes the novels we need to buy aren’t on Amazon and we have to pay full price at the bookstore.”

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