Hilary Clinton Drinking Game

By the Athenian Staff

– Says “Case College” or any incorrect variation of school name: 2 shots

– Mentions being a women 1 shot

– Mentions plan of reducing price of college 1 shot

– If she comes out to Bruce Springsteen or John Meloncamp 1 shot

– If she comes out to Slipknot finish the bottle while getting a face tattoo

– If she name-drops Tink or the Beauty of campus 1 shot

– If she mentions eating at a local restaurant: 1 shot

– Makes a joke about disappointing Cleveland sports: Take three shots, miss two

– If Babs joins her on stage: drink until you can’t tell the difference

– If you can overhear the protesters heckling: 2 shots

– If they change the time again: 2 shots

– Passive aggressive diss of GOP: 1 shot

– If she alludes to Trump: 2 cotton candy shots

– If a wild Bill Clinton appears: shot gun a beer

-If she says “the patiriarchy” throw a unopened can of beer in a feminist rage at the nearest man

– If she mentions the Illuminati: take 12 shots because I said so

You can play by watching the video here.

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