Holidays on a budget

Adithi Iyengar

With the holidays coming up, everyone is pressured to spend tons of money on expensive gifts. Here are 10 gifts to give during the cheap days.

1. A hand drawn card done in the style of your 5-year old self – It’s the thought that counts.


2. Hand-made bracelet from things you find at home – At least you finally used some of that instead of throwing it away. Wait… is that a napkin?


3. Engrave a name onto a piece of metal from think[box] – A piece of metal is the most romantic thing ever.



4. Capture a squirrel on campus to give as a present – A free pet! What’s cuter than that? Just hope there’s no rabies involved.



5. A handmade coupon book – This is the most original idea ever. Trust me.



6. Leftover Chinese food – Exotic items from foreign lands always wins with gifts. Plus, you already bought it so, yeah.


7. Extra hot sauce from Taco Bell – We all grab extra hot sauce from Taco Bell. Might as well add some spice into your gift!


8. A calculator – I mean we have all used one. Just dig up the one you used in calculus and no longer need because you haven’t taken a derivative in about a year.


9. Laundry pods – As college students, we have a ton of those lying around. We are also in constant need of them. That’s how they’ll know you care.


10. Partially used gift card – Probably only 50 cents left over but at least Barnes & Noble is a fancy place!

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