How BIG is Your Obsession With Food?

  • You have had a dream about food, especially the cheese-covered kind.
  • That last comment made you crave cheese-covered food.
  • You take study breaks in between eating.
  • The only reason you get off the couch from watching Netflix is to refill your plate.
  • Tropical Smoothie should take meal swipes. Yes.
  • If you had to choose between a 15 pack of Twizzlers and a 50 pack of Redvines, you’d choose the Redvines because more food.
  • When people give you a hypothetical “What would you take on a deserted island?” situation, you wonder why people would choose their favorite book over food.
  • You won’t hold the door open for people when going into a restaurant because that’s just one more person served before you.
  • 15-second rule exists. If it’s chocolate, it becomes the 20-second rule. Boundaries are made to be tested.
  • You’ve considered a profession as a food critic, even if it was briefly.
  • Midnight snack? Try 10 p.m., 12 a.m. and 2 a.m. meals.
  • You have gone out of your way to pick up ice cream just because you wanted some.
  • There are days when you just have to choose between sleeping, showering and
    eating. Eating wins.
  • You know it’s bad, you know it can’t be good for you, but you eat at Grab-It anyway.

13-15: You are more obsessed with food than a 13 year old is with J-Biebs. Seek medical attention.
9-12: You’re bordering obsession. If this keeps itself up, your friends will give you an intervention
4-8: You have a healthy relationship with food. The occasional ice cream sundae isn’t the worst thing, and you know when to say “no.”
0-3: Food is for survival, and survival only.

*DISCLAIMER* This is not an actual medical diagnostic test. I am pre-medicine.

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