How to be funny

Lindsey Jacobs, Part-time McDonald’s employee

Would you like to be a comedy writer?

Of course you don’t! Here are some reasons why:

You enjoy the prospect of making an actual living.

You want health insurance.

You do enough writing in SAGES.

Your mother is the only person who thinks you are funny.

But not to fear! Comedy writing is easily summarized by a mathematical equation:

X=(.25P)( Ξπ)¢


π = π

Ξ = God’s wisdom


P= the ability to say something slightly racist without offending people

Aside from this, there is very little math associated with comedy writing, which bodes well for the people who have to type in numbers on the cash register to give change for a $10.

Even if this math goes way above your head, that’s ok. The funniest things come from normal things that have been exaggerated in an unexpected way. For example, a man walks into a bar, and says “Ouch.” Simple, elegant and over-rated, but it is the basic concept behind most jokes.

Of course, there are multiple types of humor. There is satire, black comedy, cringe comedy, spoof comedy and terrible comedy. We accept all types, including the last one. Humor, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. What does that mean? Even ugly mofo’s can be beautiful, and even terrible comedy can be funny.

Luckily, the diverse Case Western Reserve University campus makes it easy to appeal to all kinds of audiences. If you think you’re not funny, you may surprise yourself. Somebody at this university will laugh at what you write. Be confident, write what makes you laugh and hope the Athenian’s editors can fix the garbage that you turn in.

So, would you like to be a comedian?

If so, email and join The Athenian today!

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