How to enhance your bus experience

Oksinav Aizatsana

Nothing quite compares to the microcosm of city life that you’ll find on a Cleveland bus. Incoming students and veteran bus riders alike never know what they’ll encounter when they step on the HealthLine or the 9. Now that you’ve decided to explore our city using the transportation system that best reflects its dynamic character, here are some tips to help you make the most of your Cleveland bus experience.

Press the button for every stop.

Seize every opportunity to maximize your bus-riding experience, and continuously press the stop button. Besides, if you don’t take every opportunity to stop the bus, you risk arriving at your destination early. Imagine the awkward tension if you’re even five minutes early to a dinner downtown and must wait for your friend to arrive. The greeter will silently judge you, and you’ll stand there in self-inflicted psychological torment as you imagine what they’re thinking.

Get off at random stops.

There’s no better way to learn about Cleveland than getting off the bus at stops you know nothing about. Explore vacant, boarded up apartments in one neighborhood, and at another stop discover the gentrified neighborhoods they’ll become when rising prices push out all the folks living in poverty.

Sing along with musically inclined passengers.

To consider your bus-riding experience authentic, you’ll need to hear at least one person singing or rapping. Some people keep it subtle, bobbing their heads to the music in their headphones and rapping under their breath. For others, the bus is their stage and the riders are the audience. A few will even throw in some vigorous dancing. To show your support, sing backup. Your “audience” will have no choice but to give you a standing ovation as they get off at the next stop.

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