How To Get To Third Base

Harald Gormsson

  1. Head northeast on Euclid Avenue towards Mayfield Road.
  2. Make a U-Turn on Mayfield Road.
  3. Turn right onto MLK Jr Drive.
  4. Continue onto Chester Avenue.
  5. Turn right to merge onto I-90 W towards I-77.
  6. Use the right two lanes to take the Interstate 77 S exit towards Akron.
  7. Continue onto I-77 South.
  8. Turn right onto Lakeview Avenue NW.
  9. Turn right onto 3rd Street NW.
  10. Continue onto Earl Road NW.
  11. Turn left onto Carmont Avenue NW.
  12. Continue straight onto 17th Street NW.
  13. Turn right onto Main Avenue West.
  14. Destination will be on the left.

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