Incoming senior books vacation through first days of classes

By Jess Chalas

After 3 full years of normal college attendance, incoming senior Richard Langley has done what no CWRU student has done before: he overlooked the first day of classes and booked a vacation instead.

Langley was enjoying his third week in Peru when he received a phone call from a friend who had slowly begun to notice Langley’s pattern of absence (how good of a “friend” this caller was could not be ascertained, but they did wish to remain anonymous).

Despite the shock, Langley decided he would wait until his vacation was complete before heading back to Cleveland. After some conversations with various teachers and the Office of Student Affairs, administrative staff agreed to permit Langley’s absence, as he had booked an all-inclusive resort, including airfare, from the beginning of August until mid-October. Changing flights would be brutal, not to mention costly, which would make it difficult for Langley to pay fall tuition. With that in mind, the University figured they would rather take the money, leaving it up to Langley to catch up on his schoolwork.

A brief Skype call with Langley–whose phone was getting four gigabytes even on the beach–revealed that Langley had simply been too excited about his plans to consider when classes were scheduled to start.

“I knew classes weren’t going on when I left for Peru,” said Langley before pausing to take a sip of the icy drink in his lawn chair’s cup holder. “So heck no, I wasn’t thinking about when they would actually start up again. It was an honest mistake that anyone could have made.”

This may be the case, but a representative from Student Affairs was adamant that Langley was the first to make such a mistake (due to other students’ concerns with relatively strict GPA requirements) and that the University certainly does not recommend that others follow in his footsteps.

To avoid this mistake, a new CWRU app is set to come out in early December to remind students when to come back from their holidays. It will be equipped with mandatory alarms as far as one week in advance to allow time for travel and will include functionality for all breaks throughout the school year. More information on the app, “Come Back to CWRU!,” to follow.

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