Industry giant promises to revolutionize gaming world

Reported by Sarah Whelan

At today’s E4 Technology Conference, tech giant Vir-Real-Tual unveiled a new tech toy they claim will ignite and revolutionize the gaming industry.

Advancements in the gaming industry ground to a halt after the perfection of fully-immersive virtual reality. Although modern gamers have access to complete virtual reality suits, chairs and centers that allow them to interact and explore without ever lifting a finger, the majority of gamers agree that this is no longer enough. These devices are leaps and bounds beyond the VR Helmets used by previous generations to avoid their futures. Still, they can no longer capture the attention of today’s gamers.

Predictably, there has been an ever-increasing demand for games that challenge and innovate. One gamer attending the conference commented, “I’ve explored worlds that don’t exist and battled against every monster they can come up with–but it just gets boring, you know? It’s just not real enough.”

Vir-Real-Tual has created a projectile that may just make the gaming experience real enough. This electronic ball transmits real time data to the players’ contact lenses, creating a superimposed game surface that follows the traditional rules of gravity. The ball is the controller and a group of four gamers share this controller over the playing field consisting of a grid of four squares on the ground.

Each player is assigned a square to guard. The ultimate goal is to push the ball into another player’s square then bounce out of bounds before the other player has a chance to return the ball. There are many variations, but the general rules include that if you don’t defend your square, you must return to the bottom level of squares, and that if you get others out you advance to the “King” spot.

The response to this new interface has been overwhelmingly positive. Many critics even believe it will bring the community of gamers closer together. At the unveiling, Vir-Real-Tual announced the scheduled release of a closed beta version in a few weeks. A spokesman for Vir-Real-Tual announced that, based on customer response, the company plans to release matching sets of baskets or rackets that could be used to implement larger game play with tactical teams in larger simulations.

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