It could always be worse

Oksinav Aizatsana

It’s easy to complain about the world around us. Top 40 music is horrific, a mirror qualifies as art as long as you stick it in a modern art museum, the front-runner for the Republican presidential candidacy refuses to condemn the leader of the Klu Klux Klan … The list of things to complain about is never ending.

But is it really that bad? Sure, having to listen to “Sorry” on the radio makes my ears bleed, but is it as bad as when our grandparents had to listen to Frank Sinatra or, God forbid, jazz? After all, who can handle music without words?

Ultimately, while it’s annoying that we have to deal with issues like these in our everyday lives, it could definitely be worse.

For example, when walking through a modern art museum, it’s hard to ignore the fact that a three-year-old could have drawn some of these paintings of circles if they had a very large protractor and a half-decent aptitude for painting inside the lines. But it’s not as bad as the canvases that look like someone literally just threw paint at them. I easily could have done that if someone gave me a can of paint to throw around when I’m angry. But the paintings in modern art museums aren’t as bad as the people who actually enjoy them. Those are the passive aggressive people who tell you that you shouldn’t complain just because you didn’t think to paint a circle on a white canvas. Those people are the worst.

There are also those crazy drivers that cut you off when you’re driving to work whose actions seem inexcusable in the moment. That’s really not terrible at all, though. Whenever a man zooms over from the far left lane of the freeway and almost hits your car in his mad dash to not miss his exit, remember that it’s not as bad as if he tried to do this two seconds later and ended up plowing into your car and leaving you permanently wounded. Imagine that you hadn’t even been in a car. You could have been a crazy biker on the freeway. Then your poor person would have been obliterated. See, this scenario could have been so much worse.

Neighbors are another inescapable part of our lives that are easy to hate. They’re loud, they incessantly knock on your door whenever your friend’s car is parked on the street in front of their house and they throw their cigarette stubs over the fence into your backyard. It could be so much worse though. Instead, you could have the creepy quiet neighbor that lures women into his basement. You could be guilt-ridden for years, always wondering how you never knew. At least these neighbors are so loud that you know what they’re doing at all hours of the day.

The easiest thing to complain about these days, though, is the election. But let’s remember that there are worse things in the world than Donald Drumpf winning. Drumpf succeeding because the American people chose him wouldn’t be as bad as women voting for Bernie just to get guys to like them. And staying in America if he wins wouldn’t be as bad as trying to understand French Canadians if you move to Montreal. Or learning French in general.

It’s hard to remember that the situations we find ourselves in at any given moment could be infinitely worse. If we don’t remember that, we tend to get too caught up in our own problems.

And so, Mom, my grades are really not that bad.

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