Community man finds printing, shipping services at Kenko to be severely inadequate

Karol Kalinski

A University Circle resident has filed a complaint to Kenko management, claiming to be “incredibly dissatisfied with the service offered.” The customer, who has chosen to remain anonymous, visited the establishment last week with an urgent printing job.

“I came in, really needing to print some flyers and brochures for a conference I was organizing. I asked several employees for help, but they were too busy noodling around.”

Even worse, the customer claimed, was the lack of any proper printing or shipping equipment. The only items that could be compared to printer paper were the innumerable sheets of seaweed, and the only packaging available seemed to be exclusively intended for food products.

The customer and many other residents of the area were mistakenly under the assumption that the establishment had a partnership with FedEx. Where this urban myth originated is unknown.

In the aftermath of this public relations incident, Kenko has worked diligently to regain the trust of its customers. In the coming months, Kenko will be rolling out a new program that will feature complimentary printing jobs paired with the appropriate sushi roll. The aforementioned customer has also been compensated.

“I was in a really tight spot without any of the flyers I needed, but the establishment and I were able to reach an agreement a few days later,” said the customer. “Catering for my event was a very nice addition, and they were able to add the conference program to the labels on their bubble tea.”

Similar problems have been occurring in cyberspace, with a recent lawsuit directed at the website, which has been unable to produce any sushi for its customers, while for some reason providing an “anime streaming service” instead.

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