Lebron: I’m glad you’re back, but it’ll take time for our relationship to heal

Winchester Mac Cionaoith

Lebron, you’re making my head spin around and my heart flutter.

Last time I wrote you a letter, I asked you to stop playing with my heart.

It looks like you’ve listened. You haven’t left let. And now, our time has almost come. It’s almost season time.

I knew you’d stay. I knew I was worth it.

It’s going to take some time to rebuild our relationship. I can’t immediately forgive your time in Miami; it’s going to be difficult every time they come into town. This time around will be great though, I am sure of that.

But expectations will have to be tempered. We may be awkward at first.

Sure we have shared a lot of memories, but you crushed a lot of my dreams too.

You let me down when you left Lebron, there is no way around that.

You were the center of my life, and you bailed on that. You bailed on me, the one who had stuck by you through thick and thin, the one who had stuck by you.

Your first, and only true fan. (Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.)

You brought your friends though, and I’m sure that will help. I hope you’re more comfortable with him around.

Kevin Love will be a nice addition to our friendship.

I should have given you more opportunity to hang out with your bros. I know that’s part of the reason why you had to go to Miami. You had to find yourself. I hope you did.

But I hope you’re ready to get this season started.

Let’s make some new memories.

With you, Love, Irving and obviously, most importantly, myself rooting for you, we’ll be unstoppable.


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