Letter from the Editor

The first book that I really remember reading as a child was a 200-something page book about mythology. It was way back in the third grade when death gods may as well have been the monster under your bed. That’s not to say that I didn’t read anything else until then, but it was the first thing I actively held onto until the she-witch of a teacher took it away from me. From there, it was pretty much a downhill slide. Nothing could sate the idle curiosity that started brewing within me. There were the stories of “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” (the abridged versions, at that point), the lore of Anubis and Set, sometimes even a bit of comic book adventure to even out the ridiculous. I think I even attempted to read the Bible once, but got caught up on the lack of pictures.

Let’s just say that the little version of me was an avidly proud member of the “I like mythology” club.

Fast forward to 2014. I’m now a disheartened adult who no longer has the Peter Pan-esque view of the world. There is, sadly, no sun god to race across the sky, no angel to shoot me with cursed arrows and no deity patiently waiting to claim my soul for the afterlife. Knowing all of that, though, my agnostic self still yearns for that note of magic, and thus we bring you Issue 74: The Lore Issue (or, if I had my way, the Legen-wait for it-dary issue; sadly this didn’t fly).

We hope you enjoy our staff’s contributions to the lore-filled world, for what they view as important, silly and just downright obnoxious (but apparently worth parodying). We thank you for, as always, picking us up, and we encourage you to participate in our ongoing semesterly contest and to consider joining us, whether you just like listening to funny things or writing and drawing. We’re always looking for new people to bring along in our quest to slay the imaginary dragons of our fantasies.

For Narnia and from the beyond, all the best,
Melanie Sayre

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