Letter From the Editor

It’s no secret that Case Western stands out from other schools. We’ve seen our spot in the yearly rankings, read the diversity reports and witnessed the strangeness that is Humans versus Zombies.
But, one thing never changes.
We’ve still got the drama. That’s why our campus is so big. It’s full of secrets.

For readers who might be new to Cleveland, gossip will stick to students, too. However, as with all things in life, there are ways to avoid it.
Here are a few tips from The Athenian, to help you survive your time in this city.
Rule 1: (Don’t always) go with the flow.
It’s fun to get out and try new things.
Simply don’t take it too far—yes, go on that walk with friends, but maybe don’t listen to them when, for example, they think that jumping into Wade Lagoon’s cesspool of muck, dead leaves and bacteria is a good idea. As much as it might seem like a good idea, it really isn’t. There’s no quicker way to drama than bacterial infections. Trust us.
Rule 2: Follow your gut.
Want to re-define yourself? Go for it. However, becoming the “new Cleveland you” doesn’t mean you have to catch any rivers on fire. You’ll want to represent your city, though. There’s no harm in a few #Cle’s thrown into a status or two. Key to doing things right: If it feels like a bad idea, don’t do it (see rule 1). Going against your conscience causes the worst kind of drama—drama with yourself.

Rule 3: Understand that Clevelanders are different.
Let’s think of sports, for instance; Cleveland fans go hard in the paint. Here, we burn Lebron jerseys one second and get in line for new ones just a few years later.
Wasteful? Maybe.
Devoted? Definitely.
Join them, or don’t. Whatever you do, don’t stand in their way. You don’t want to be in that tornado of emotions when, say, the Steelers beat the Browns (again).

But if you want to get a real taste of what we have to say about Cleveland, politics and the world in general, you’ll have to keep reading. You’ll hear all the juicy gossip without having to experience it in your life.
We here at The Athenian exist to give you a break from your personal drama, no matter how bad it is. Stick with us, and you’ll be the fetchest* kid at CWRU.
(*and maybe you can make “fetch” happen, too)

Anne Nickoloff

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