Letter from the Editor

Anne Nickoloff

Burnout: It exists.
It might not be recognized by modern psychology, and it might be dismissed by certain hard workers. But it has become an increasingly large problem at colleges and universities everywhere, including Case.
(Seriously. I’m so burnt out right now, that I don’t even want to spell out the last three words of this school’s name.)
With burnout, everything basically turns into a case of “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

The CWRU student population ranges from uncaring to overburdened. Some seem to have all the time in the world, whereas others struggle to find dinner breaks between O-Chem study sessions.

We’re all different, but here is how I would identify the different types of CWRU students:

The balanced student always got time for that. Whether it’s staying in peak physical condition, reading ahead for next month’s quiz or going to a late-night party, the balanced student knows how to hit all the major points of their four years at CWRU.

The procrastinator ain’t got time for that… until the night before. With a week’s worth of Netflix and relaxation under their belt, the procrastinators dive into their work at the last possible minute, with ugly results. Burnout follows quickly, often leading to “IDGAF” mindsets.

These students don’t got time for that. And they don’t really care. Burnout is already well underway for this group of students, and it takes some serious motivational posters to get them back in the game.

The machine got time for that and more. They have all four years mapped out before they even show up for orientation week, and constantly work to pursue their dreams. Even though they are successful in classes, the machines are at a high risk for burnout.

Whether you’re the balanced, machine, procrastinating or the not-giving-fucks student, one thing is true:
Everyone needs a break.
So, before our slightly-less-than-a-month winter break, let’s rejoice in the laziness that will come.
Our struggles will no longer be an extra percentage point in our hardest classes, but clicking “next” on Netflix.
We will no longer be stressing about how many energy drinks we’ve had, but what small gifts to get our families for the holidays.
And, best yet, we will sleep.
We will sleep like we’ve never slept before.
This is The Athenian’s “Lazy Issue.” So when you’ve got a break in studying for finals (ha, ha, funny joke), keep on reading to find out more about humor in the world you’ve been ignoring in your pursuit of an acceptable GPA.
We even have a TL;DR version on page 23 if you don’t have time to read through the whole magazine.
Avoid burnout, and instead, laugh.

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