Letter from the Editor

Anne Nickoloff, editor-in-chief

Ever since my freshman year, Case Western has hovered somewhere in the higher numbers of the Princeton Review’s “least beautiful campus” list. The photo accompanying said list is of Juniper Road, mid-winter, with a slush coat and scraggly trees breaking up an otherwise gorgeous sunset.


But, like One Direction would say: “[CWRU] don’t know you’re beautiful” and “that’s what makes [CWRU] beautiful.” And they would later say “everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but [Princeton Review].”


(Don’t worry, I won’t quote any other boy bands here.)

I’m, naturally, a little salty about Princeton Review’s ranking. And I’ve been holding on to this grudge for a while now. I mean, yes, we’re in the city of Cleveland, where orange traffic cones are more abundant than trees. Yes, we’ve got grey skies and sort-of-weird buildings. Yes, we’ve got potholes, and litter, and Rascal House pizza, and deformed squirrels.


But “least beautiful” = ugly, and CWRU is not ugly. We students prefer “quirky.”


Because, to match the spots that don’t really appear “beautiful” to Princeton Review, we’ve also got plenty of things you can only find at CWRU.


As the flowers pop up in post-Cleveland-winter warmth, the campus smells fresh again. Bright orange goldfish lurk underwater in Wade Lagoon, and the sun appears as students make it outside their dorms to do more than make it to class five minutes late.


Where else can you find buildings that were inspired by a wad of crumpled-up tape? Where else can you find a class being taught on the dry side of a marble fountain? Where else can you find a reflective Denny’s, nestled between a gathering of residence halls and a fancy restaurant?


Even our “ugly statue” isn’t that ugly. It’s just… well, okay, it’s kind of ugly.


CWRU’s layout might not make sense, and its building design might seem hashed together last-minute. But it’s genuine, it’s different and it’s totally reflective of the variety of students who live here.


But that’s just my two cents. The colorful campus of CWRU is much more multifaceted than just a ranking (seriously, who even cares about Princeton review? It’s not like they’re that special). And my opinion is pretty biased.


But this is the color issue of The Athenian, devoted to seeing all of CWRU, Cleveland and the world with 20/20 vision. We even spent more of our funds to make the entire issue in color, instead of just the covers.


So, soak it all in, readers. The world around us is not as “ugly” as you might think.



An otherwise-drab building like Wade can become cool-looking with one of Cleveland’s rarely pretty sunsets.



A sunset on Juniper Road is actually pretty nice, if you factor out the brown slush.

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