Local man achieves perfectly balanced life

Q&A with local idol Mike Flaggerty

Jess Chalas

Mike Flaggerty was spotted just three months ago at the grocery store picking out an unrotted bag of apples while simultaneously coddling his eight-month-old, directing his four-year-old and talking on the phone to his wife. Since then, he has become a social media sensation, known across America as “The Incredible”—a man who can, incredibly, do it all! We caught up with Mike during one of his well-balanced breaks for a brief glimpse into his daily life.

Athenian: So glad to have you with us, Mike. I would apologize for taking up your time, since we all know you do so much, but nothing seems to faze you. Have anything else going on today?

Flaggerty: Umm, not too much. We had an early morning; some breakfast cereal, got the kids out to day care. Then I drove to work, spent some time at the office, ran a few errands during my lunch break and finished up from there. I have a few hours before I have to retrieve the kids. Then we’ll fix up a quick dinner and maybe head out to the park this afternoon. It looks pretty nice out.

Athenian: Amazing! You even had time to notice the weather. I’ll bet you packed an umbrella too just in case?

Flaggerty: Yes, in fact, I did. There was a 40 percent chance of rain, so I figured it would be a good idea.

Athenian: Look at you, always prepared, always on the go! Besides the job and family, it’s been rumored you even make time for a hobby. Some have speculated fishing, others horseback riding. We’re all dying to know—is it true?

Flaggerty: Umm, yeah actually. I enjoy painting, always have. It started in high school when I took a few art courses just for fun, and even here and there in college when accounting courses were at a lull. One day, after A.J., my first son, was born, the interest led me to buy a paint set off Amazon. Since then, I like to go out on the warmer days and paint the scenery. It’s nothing professional, just a pastime.

Athenian: I’m out of words! You have a real pastime? So impressive. You know, you could probably sell your pieces for good money just by signing them. A man of your caliber…. Wow. How have you felt these past three months? How does it feel to be an idol to so many out there—okay, all of us—currently stuck in the all-American routine of sleep, work, eat, repeat?

Flaggerty: It was a bit surprising, to be honest. Umm, I didn’t feel like I was doing anything special until I was discovered at the grocery store. But I have really enjoyed being able to travel across America, giving speeches about how I balance work life, family life and free time. To anyone who asks, my motto is, “You can do it if you just believe in yourself.” My advice is to take it step-by-step, to make little changes. You know, set your alarm 10 minutes early so you can be on time for work or try changing your ringtone to something more pleasant so you’ll actually answer the phone when your spouse rings. It’s not easy, and not everyone can do it, but hey, you gotta go big or go home.

Athenian: Great advice Mike! Personally, I know my dream has always been to have the kids, the job and the pleasure all in the same 24 hours—you know, the American Dream. Thanks for being that inspiration, proving that it is possible. Any big plans for 2017?

Flaggerty: Yeah, I’ve actually been contacted about possibly doing a book series entitled “The Modern Superhero.” It’ll be part memoir, part self-help book. Besides that, I’m just starting my tour by the same name and am so far really enjoying it.
Athenian: Well we can’t thank you enough, Mike, for speaking to us about your amazing lifestyle. We wish you all the best in your superhero-like endeavors!

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