Man Confuses Real Life, Hit Broadway Musical “Hamilton”

Daniel Mottern

From the beginning of its time on Broadway, “Hamilton” has captivated audiences and taught us that history can be interesting, so long as it’s interspersed with haunting melodies and dance breaks. Some people have found that “Hamilton” can help teach us about modern-day America as well.
A coworker told Québec native Bruce Virgil about “Hamilton” two weeks prior to his first visit to New York City.
“It was too late to buy tickets,” stated Virgil in an interview during his time in New York, “but I found the music on iTunes and bought it immediately.” His favorite part was how the show provided a vivid portrayal of American life.
“From what I’ve learned, rap is the main mode of communication in America,” said Virgil. “Have friends over? Sing out a four part harmony, with Lin-Manuel Miranda rapping. Get in a heated argument? Start a rap battle, and invite Lin-Manuel Miranda. Cheat on your wife and then publish an article in the local newspaper about it? I think you know what the answer is.
Virgil told us about his plans for an extended stay in America. “Originally, I was planning to stay in New York for a few days,” he said, “but now I want to go see all of what “Hamilton”’s score has to offer.” Immediately after our interview, Virgil left for Weehawken to protest New Jersey’s apparent lawlessness under Chris Christie. Before he ran off into the smog-filled sunset of Newark, New Jersey, we asked about his steps for the future.
“I think I’ll be trying this again,” said Virgil. “I have a business trip to Oklahoma soon, and I was told that there was a musical that could help me fit in while I’m there. I’ll be looking into ‘Chess: The Musical’ for my vacation to Russia in the winter, as well.”

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