Matthew West Produces Top Christian Hit ‘Do Something’; Proceeds to do Nothing

Kayla Devault

Reading the Bible and listening to the Newsboys was starting to become old news until the Fish started playing Matthew West’s now popular “Do Something.” This hit, which originally came out in 2012, inspired hundreds, if not thousands of Christians, to come together and sing at concerts hosting bands that are not the standard choirs and organists. Fans have been rallying around West’s movement, lapping up his lyrics about it being “time to do something.”
In the first verse of the song, West complains to God about the state of the world and asks him to do something. By the next verse, he is so angry about poverty and bad things that he starts screaming at God. He shouts, “God, why don’t you DO something?” In response, God’s like “I did… I created you.” And West is like, “Oh…burn.” The rest of the song is filled with convicting accusations about how we’re all here on Earth because we’re supposed to be doing something to fix the things that others apparently have been doing wrong. (You know, maybe they were told to “Do Something” too, and got a little confused from how vague that order was.)
When asked about what inspired him to write this song, West doesn’t answer that God inspired him. The song is apparently a little misleading. Instead, he was inspired by a girl who was actually doing something for Ethiopian orphans. So, in response, West wrote his song. “I just felt inspired by her message. I realized we are here to do something – so I wrote ‘Do Something.’”
But since writing the song two years ago, West has Done Nothing.
In an exclusive interview, The Athenian asked West why he has Done Nothing since he so adamantly advocated doing something to the rest of us. West thought this was funny. “Just because I write a song telling people to do something doesn’t mean I actually feel like doing anything myself. I’m too busy. I’d rather just play guitar and not go to Africa and stuff. They don’t have Chick-Fil-A over there anyways.”
Fans, on the other hand, expect West’s help. Moses, a young Christian from Huntsville, Alabama, started a fan club at his high school in anticipation of West stepping up his game. “His lyrics clearly say ‘It’s time for us to do something,’” says Moses. “It’s kind of a cliff-hanger. We’re all like, what’s next Matthew West? We’re ready!” It is quite strange that he’s even asking, because West is very clear with what thing he wants done: some.
Meanwhile, musician Lil Wayne overdoses on heroin and accidentally discovers the cure to cancer. When asked what sparked this genius act of goodwill, Lil Wayne replied, “It’s the flow, mayne. Yeah. I can’t help it. Yeah. My foot’s sleeping on the gas. No brake pads, no such thing as last…”
Well, Lil Wayne certainly is not in last. He’s a candidate for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for his incredible cancer-curing formula of heroin, Miller Lite and Chipotle hot salsa. The Athenian recently asked Lil Wayne if Matthew West’s song was an inspiration to his discovery. Lil Wayne’s answer was poetic, stating, “My bars are full of broken bottles and my nightstands are full of open Bibles.” Matthew West, when asked for commentary, replied, “Dammit, this was NOT supposed to inspire people to do heroin! I don’t care how many damn Bibles he has on his nightstand!”
Welp, someone’s jelly. Sorry Matthew West, maybe you should Do Something about it. In fact, Matthew West’s inability to Do Anything in the light of Lil Wayne’s possible Nobel Peace Prize has caused such a rift in the Bible Belt that Christian music may be taking a new route. Moses’ Huntsville group recently started a petition that allows Lil Wayne to headline at the largest Christian summits over the next three years.
“We just want to keep inspiring people to follow in Lil Wayne’s footsteps,” Moses told The Athenian. “This is clearly a man of God.”
Ah, yes, congratulations Matthew West. While you’ve not actually Done Anything but play guitar, your music has indirectly inspired young Christians everywhere to Do Something and follow their new messiah, Lil Wayne. Maybe you’ve (kind of) Done Something after all.

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