Midterm Study Drinking Games: How to feel productive when you’re absolutely not

  • Periodic-Table Pong: It’s like normal beer pong, but with elements and all the other things you should probably know for that big midterm!
  • Think, Drink: For every word in your textbook that rhymes with “drink”… drink. This includes slant rhyme, visual rhyme, and any other form of rhyme that could stretch it.
  • ‘Kings’, Study Version: Replace a deck of cards with your sloppily-drawn flash cards, and when the beer is cracked open, the person who answered the last question correctly can choose who must chug it.
    • A simpler note card game for the friendless: Flash through study questions, and once you get all of them right, celebrate with a well-deserved shot.
  • Every time you have to look up a term in the Glossary, take a shot.
  • MediaVision watching game: Take a shot every time:
    -a professor walks off-screen
    -there is an awkward pause
    -a professor responds to a student’s question, or awkwardly tries to do so.
  • Protractor Pong: Calculate the angles at which the ping-pong ball bounces off the table. If you’re not within five degrees, take a shot.
  • Flip Fact: a more studious version of the classic game ‘Flip Cup,’ with trivia on the bottom of each cup.
  • Drink every time someone coughs on the third floor of KSL.
    • Seriously, though, this is the quiet room, and you’re being inconsiderate.
  • For every dreaded essay page you write, take a drink. For every five textbook pages you read, take a drink.
  • To study important terms, play the name game. The first name of each word must start with the letter of the last one, and an incorrect answer would mean one shot.
    • Tip: Make it relevant. For example, “Organic Chemistry > yield strength > holy crap, I don’t know any of this!!!!!!” would be a valid string.
  • Pi: Take a shot for each decimal of pi you know – or eat a slice of pie! If you know more than four, let’s be real- you probably don’t need to study that hard anyway.

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