Mystery message in shadow of statue out front of the Jolly Scholar

By: Caleb Diaz

Gene Kangas’ “Snow Fence” statue, better known as “that statue outside of Jolly” is rumored to form the acronym CWRU in its shadow at some point during the year. However there are more theories surrounding the mysterious shadow from the statue.

“If you look closely, you can begin to see what appears to be a triangle with an eye in the middle,” said one reputable theorist. “The Illuminati are among us.”

“The day after 9/11 I walked past the statue and I swear the shadow said, ‘jet fuel can’t melt steel beams,’” said a 13th year doctoral student, whose dissertation is titled “Why the world isn’t round.”

“THE SHADOW SAID 2012! THAT IS WHEN IT’S ALL OVER,” screamed a doomsayer from the depths of the Wade Lagoon.

“Bro I was walking around at night, it was super freakin’ dark, and the shadow by the statue said, ‘4/20 blaze it,’” remarked a sophisticated BME pre-med stoner. “I think.”

Jared_Clark_Shadow from Statue

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