Netflix Users Too Lazy to Click to Next Episode

Julia Bianco

Faithful Netflix users have been faced with a dilemma recently, as the 15-second waiting period between episodes of television has just become too long to bear.
“I’m, like, in the Netflix groove, you know?” said Samantha Smith, who hasn’t left her room in four days while binge watching popular HBO drama series “Breaking Bad.” “And then it’s like, episode over, now you have to wait, and I’m just like, what.”
Smith, and many like her, have been forced to deal with the dilemma of whether or not it is worth the effort to move and click next, or just wait for the entire 15 second period.
“Like, when I’m watching, my hands are, like, resting comfortably, or I’m playing Candy
Crush on my phone or whatever,” said Smith. “And then they’re just like, oh, well if you
don’t want to wait for forever to get to the next episode, you have to move. And I’m just like, what.”
Some users worry that during that 15 seconds, they may get some exposure to the
outside world, ruining their Netflix watching experience. “What if I’m watching, and then during that 15 seconds I look out the window and see that there is, like, an earthquake or a dragon attack or something,” said Andrew Gold, who recently found a five-month old slice of pizza that he left in his room while watching “Fringe.”
“And then it’s like, can I just go back to my TV after that? No, I’m gonna have to go out and deal with that crap,” said Gold.
Gold added that he ate the pizza slice, and that, “it holds up.”
Users tried to come together to petition Netflix to shorten the waiting period, but they were too lazy to form a successful movement.


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