New CWRU Crayola colors

Paul Palumbo

After eliminating many out-of-date colors in its crayon collection, Crayola executives became very inspired by the city of Cleveland and the beloved Case Western Reserve University. Here are a few of Crayola’s newest picks for its college-series coloring collection.

Red Pen Red: Be honest, you’ve seen this color much more than you’d like.

Cleveland Sky Gray: It’s a very unique shade of gray. One that almost drains the enjoyment out of life with its mere presence. It’s powerful enough to block any other color.

Disappointment Orange: The color that looks really good the first few times you use it, but looks like garbage by the time it’s done. Despite this, it is strangely popular and will totally be oranger next year.

Mythical Sky Blue: I’ve heard rumors that behind the thick layer of gray in the sky is blue. Color Scientists concluded if this hypothetical blue does exist, it would look something like this.

Snow White: Completely useless and yet always everywhere. Changes color within 2 hours (see Cleveland Sky Gray)

Veale Steel: The color of the barbells and weights at Veale Center. Not that you’d know what that looks like.

CWRU Blue: Insert obligatory actual school color.

Textbook Green: A delightful green color that gives many joy. Unfortunately it is often wasted drawing doodles on textbooks and isn’t being used by students on anything important. Thus it has been given the name “textbook green.”

Greenie Yellow: I know, the Greenie’s aren’t yellow. They also aren’t green, so we’re not the only ones who messed up the colors somewhere along the line.

new colors

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