New USG initiatives very popular among students

Anastazia Vanisko Staff Reporter

Recently, Case Western Reserve University’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) has started a controversial initiative, but the campus seems to love it. Why is that?

A closer look at the plans explains why.

After noticing that people were only eating half of the food on their plates, student life representatives decided it might be helpful to add an ingredient that would make students hungry for more. Ultimately, they made marijuana a staple ingredient in every meal, especially dessert items such as brownies and cookies. The one downside to this is that, despite the fact that more food is being thrown out, the cuisine in the dining halls is still somewhat bland.

But if you’re lucky, you might get high enough to not notice.

So far, Student Life’s work seems to be doing rather well. People are eating more than ever; it almost makes each $13 meal swipe seem worth it.

Academic Affairs has also adopted getting high as a key concept in its newest initiative. With student-teacher relationships in mind, Academic Affairs made drug use an important new bonding activity to a new week-long study abroad trip to Amsterdam.

This SAGES course is devoted to the study of how people interact when they’re under the influence. A required part of the class would be to get high in Amsterdam as part of the psychological experiment, while doubling as an icebreaking activity. This new course has the support of many students and teachers alike. Learning and teaching will never be this fun again.

The final group including drugs in an initiative is Public Relations. The representatives want to make CWRU appear more progressive, and nothing says progressive like being linked to a hospital that is growing its own medical marijuana. A little-known fact is that University Hospitals (UH) has operated a weed farm for quite some time now. This is mainly little known because medical marijuana isn’t yet actually legal in Ohio, but since UH has not yet had any negative repercussions, the hospital gave Public Relations permission to publicize this.

The focus of these initiatives may be surprising. However, it is widely agreed that CWRU needs to stay with the times, and that this is a good way to show the school as open to new ideas. Furthermore, it may attract new types of people that would add to the diversity CWRU prides itself on.

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