Packaging to include packaging

By Eric Polhemus

Image By Letty Dorrnfield

packageception_Letty Dornfeld

In recent months, a strange new trend has taken the world by storm: double packaging. It is widely agreed that the trend originated with tech giant Apple.
“Unboxing the product is one of the most enjoyable parts of buying an Apple device. Why else would unboxing videos be so popular?” said CEO Tim Cook in a press conference last Friday. “That’s why we plan to double the experience by including two layers of packaging.”

For many products stored in clamshell packaging, a second, harder layer has been added.
“This not only makes the product more theft-resistant, but also less likely to be damaged by things like heat, temperature or small arms fire,” said a PaperMart representative last Friday.
However, many consumers have had difficulty opening the new packaging. While hydraulic shears are the safest and most successful method, others have reported success with chainsaws, industrial lasers, and liquid nitrogen. When asked on how the packaging is to be opened ideally, the company said that a keyhole should appear on the side of the package on the last light of Durin’s Day. Alternatively, the item can be purchased at the store without any packaging for an unpackaging and handling fee.

Other companies have been quick to pick up on the trend. Doritos has added a second, even larger and more empty bag around its chip bag. Ace Hardware will ship its cardboard boxes in larger cardboard boxes. SuperFruit will put two dozen blueberries in blister packaging inside a small tagboard box, inside a far larger cardboard shipping box with packing peanuts used to fill the extra space. Ikea will include packaging that has to be assembled by the consumer.

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