Playlist of the Week: American Edition

Anne Nickoloff
Head Honcho

“Stars and Stripes Forever”—John Phillip Sousa

Sousa must have known he had created a hit when he included the word “forever” in this instant classic. It’s still being played all across the country, after all these years. It might not be in the top 40, but who listens to artists like Maroon 4 or Little Wayne, anyway? Modern artists are just going to fade away in our memories as Sousa lives on. This deserves to be played on all the hottest radio stations.


“The Star Spangled Banner”—Francis Scott Key

There have been countless remixes and mashups with this tune, but nothing beats the original. Sure, pop stars from all over the country will try their hands singing this before the Super Bowl every year, but none of them seem to remember Key’s version. Real sheet music gives you an extra bonus, as you can follow along with the exciting musical movements present in the complex and intriguing song. With less fermatas than its live performances, “The Star Spangled Banner” (original version, only) makes for a great driving song.


“My Country Tis of Thee”—Samuel Francis Smith

Turn down the volume and slow dance to this easy, smooth song which celebrates our beautiful country. Remember the days of 1831, when young women taped up posters of Samuel Francis Smith in their bedrooms? Smith was a dreamer back then, with his perfectly-combed white hairs and sculpted beard. Now, girls have posters of whackos like Edward Sheeran and Florida. Young women should be growing up to remember the real musical stars of our country, and bask in their patriotic glory.


“Yankee Doodle”—Unknown

The club is going to turn up when the bass drum drops on “Yankee Doodle!” This exciting, fun-loving song set the groundwork for popular electronic dance music today. Make sure to turn up the volume and break out your American flag tank top when you’re at your next party, as this hit will almost certainly appear in the playlist.


“God Bless America”—Irving Berlin

When people think of America, they don’t usually think of composers, but that will change when they hear the name Irving Berlin. Irving created this piece of musical gold for the country he loved, and anyone who loves this country should celebrate with a truly heartfelt ode to the most beautiful land in the world.


Retro Pick of the week:

“God Save the Queen”—Unknown

Stay true to your roots. America as we know it would never have existed had it not been for Great Britain. Sure, this song might break away from celebrating the United States, but it’s indirectly patriotic. Back when America was just a dream, Great Britain celebrated patriotism for its own country with this little ditty.


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