Playlist of the Week: April 7-13


“Dental Care” – Owl City: “Dental Care” is a dreamy electro synth song by Owl City, as he laments about his struggles going to the dentist. Following the story spun through the airy vocals takes you on the emotional rollercoaster associated with dental care in a way you never thought possible.

“Teeth” Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga steals the show again, driving listeners mad with her Tribal funk “Teeth” single. This song features heavy tribal influences, the kind you expect from artists that lose their mind and move to the jungle, only to return with Tiger Teeth nose piercings. With a beat this good, you just might join the tribe of healthy, white and shiny teeth.

“Crooked Teeth” Death Cab for Cutie: True to form, Death Cab for Cutie uses their breathy vocals and jamming guitar to describe one man’s biggest insecurity. Making fun of someone’s speech impediment caused by their crooked teeth has never been more danceable.

“Gold Teeth” Redlight: As if coming from the gold-capped mouth of a robot, this electric pop wonder is the epitome of just saying words that mean nothing. Utterly meaningless, but hey, it sounds good.

“Unfinished Sweet” Alice Cooper: If you love the sound of tiny cleaning brushes abrasively cleaning your teeth, this is the song for you. Complete with Cooper having an orgasmically good time in the background, this jam makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of your yearly cleaning. Almost as good as the real thing.

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