Pre-med student shockingly discovered to be in the field for the right reasons

Staff Reporter

CLEVELAND, OH- Adam Johnstol, 20, is an undergraduate student at Case Western Reserve University who is reported to be on the pre-medicine track. It was discovered just last week that he wants to be a physician for the right reasons.

This shocked everyone at The Athenian, as the usual reason to be on the pre-medicine track is: “I wanna help people.” In disbelief, we investigated further.

Johnstol likes to do what he actually enjoys doing. He volunteers at a local hospital in Cleveland, and is not obsessed with reaching 450 hours of volunteering per semester. Athenian staff on the scene reported that other people like him.

Astoundingly, Johnstol does not like using other students’ insecurities to justify his own B’s in certain classes. He apparently has enough self-confidence to move on with his life. Furthermore, he is currently the President of the Basket Weaving Society because he enjoys basket weaving and he “doesn’t want to be around pre-meds all the time.”

As if his story wasn’t absurd enough, we found out that Adam participates in research because he is interested in its biomedical applications. He does not say his project is “super interesting” and then look off into the distance as he complains about not sleeping.

Johnstol claims he lives a fulfilling life, and doesn’t need an acceptance letter from a medical school to give him self-worth.

He almost convinced us. Good thing we knew that there is no way that students can be pre-med without being in it for the money.

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