Psychologists unveil a new personality type in-between A and B

Erin Hartmann
NEW YORK—After years of studying the collegiate population across America, psychologist Jeff Garcia of New York University and his team have found that labeling people as personality type A or personality type B is no longer sufficient to describe the characters found in everyday life. As a result, Garcia has officially coined a new personality type known as “Type AB.”

Attempting to make psychology a more respected science, he based the name off of the human blood type AB, where the blood cells carry both A and B antigens.

He describes those with the AB personality type as a 60 percent type A and 40 percent type B. Characteristics of these people typically include:

Accepting a tie game, but only when it is a game they don’t like playing.
Accepting failure only when it wasn’t something they were good at to begin with.
Relaxing only when they have crossed all of the things off their to-do list.
Going on a vacation after reaching a goal and before setting a new goal.
Hating themselves for 24 hours instead of 48 hours after receiving a bad grade.

Despite the large number of students on college campuses, studies suggest that only roughly four percent of any undergraduate population can be characterized by AB. It is speculated that this percentage is so low due to the series of five painful shots needed to become 60 percent uptight and 40 percent chill.

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