Punny Crossword Puzzle

Julia Bianco
Pun Master


1. The person who invented the door knock won a _______ prize.
5. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a _______.
8. A historian’s favorite sex position
9. For $10 an hour I’ll fart on your algebra book. Y? Not because mx+b,
but because I’m a math _______.
10. When you tell someone to get out of your face Jack Black style, but
then you take it back
11. The _______berry is a fruit that’s older than you!
14. It was an emotional wedding. Even the cake was in _______.
17. What do you call a seagull who flies over the bay?
19. A backwards poet writes _______.
21. It’s better to love a short girl than not _______.
22. What would you call Justin Bieber if he got so drunk that he lost the
“e” in his last name?
23. What do you call it when the author of “The Raven” directs your
25. There have been a lot of a _______ recently—someone keeps going
around throwing sodium chloride at people!
28. A messiah who lost a couple of letters in his room
31. E(right here)E
32. Last night at the party, Maroon 5 was such an _______.
33. When a bee is allergic to something, he gets _______.
34. What one might say to Lizzie McGuire during a clothes-trying-on
35. Makin’ my skin leathery in the sun


1. The smartest person in your scarf-making club
2. What do you call a bee that produces milk?
3. The short fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium
at _______.
4. Bakers trade bread recipes on a _______ to know basis.
5. How did the smurf finally win over Smurfette? He _______.
6. What do you call it when a college student still talks about their
standardized test score?
7. Old lawyers never die, they just lose their _______.
12. If the Livestrong Foundation were a little less enthusiastic
13. Dressing up the fourteenth letter of the alphabet
15. _______? No, you da hoe.
16. The Mesopotamian goddess of every frat bro’s favorite beverage
17. Molar _______ fight against enamel cruelty.
18. What would you call it if an eclair started lifting weights?
23. There was once a cross-eyed teacher who couldn’t control his _______.
24. Bath and Body Works probably has a sixth one of these
26. What a surfer dude might say to a friend who needs to start writing in
his diary more
27. When you’re Russian for a drink, there’s no time for _______.
28. What do you call an Iditarod competitor who really loves his dogs?
29. If Steve got a little more self-centered
30. A good baker will rise to the occasion. It’s the _______ he can do.

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