Recent survey shows majority of Webkinz users are college students

By Erin Hartmann

A new study done by toy company Ganzcreator of the famous and overpriced stuffed animal toys that unlock an online worldrecently revealed that 64 percent of users are 10 years older than the target audience. To come to their conclusion, website coordinators updated the weekly survey, providing users an opportunity to select an option from a range of ages. After submitting their responses, users received a reward of 50 KinzCash and a boost of Happiness (an in-game metric) as compensation. To the dismay of the executives, well over half of the responses fell within the 18-24 age category.

An Athenian member took to the streets of the quad to get to the bottom of this revived Webkinz craze. Here’s what CWRU had to say:

“This stuff was popular when we were kids. It reminds us of a simpler time without organic chemistry standing in the way of a relaxing weekend.” -Junior Emily L.

“It gives us a way to compete with each other in a safe, sportsmanlike manner. It keeps us off the streets.” -Senior football player Mike P.

“What’s more thrilling than spinning the Wheel of Wow?” -Junior Blake G.

“We just, like, look for things to do in class on our computers since we can have them out” -Sophomore Mikayla C.

“I set weekly goals of collecting more kinzcash than my friends and collecting all gems in the Curio Shop mine. It’s extremely satisfying.” -A young faculty member who wishes to remain anonymous

“It took me a while to remember my password but once I did, it was like re-entering the gates of my favorite childhood candy shop.” -Sophomore Jessica K.

Executives have reasoned that the massive decline in Webkinz plush sales is due to this overwhelming amount of older users, who are in it for the online grind, not the plush animals.

“College students don’t have money to spend on new Webkinz animals,” said the Webkinz design manager. “They log in for the first time in years and do what they can on the website. We are just glad there are still kids out there keeping the Webkinz legacy alive.”

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