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Although it may seem extreme, we find this grade reasonable. The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) has addressed none of the concerns our staff has submitted to the comment box. Why are there not healthier options at Grab-It? Why are there still cockroaches in the dorms? Where is all the missing residential furniture? And, most importantly, why has tuition not dropped by 233 percent? We thought that the university administration would be paying us by this point in the semester. Since none of our requests have been satisfied, we have no choice but to tell you that USG has exhibited a deplorable laziness this past semester.


We demand that you use your legislative power to pass a resolution that will improve our lives and lower our tuition. We know that you think that the latter is is not a realistic goal based on your responses to the questions our reporters ask at USG General Assembly meetings, but we feel that you have not given it enough thought. However, don’t expect us to provide any suggestions to achieve this “unrealistic” goal. Submitting our original requests were more than enough work for us.




We’ve heard the occasional decent review of UPBeats and Thwing Tuesdays, so University Program Board (UPB) earned itself a plus on this otherwise horrendous grade. These days, though, free food and music isn’t enough for Case Western Reserve University’s student body. We need constant stimulation, and if UPB is not offering us at least six events to choose from each night, then the organization is not doing its job properly. It doesn’t matter if we cannot attend them all or if so many choices would drive us crazy, as the possibility of attending each event appeals to us more than actually going to them.


Another reason for your grade being not entirely terrible was choice of Spring Comedian. However, since we were so excited about Trevor Noah, we would have liked to see onstage seating. Everyone should have the opportunity to be as close as possible to a famous person, so not providing such seats demonstrated the ignorance of UPB planners to the desires of the average student.




While it pains us to give our own umbrella organization this grade, we felt it would be biased to give the University Media Board (UMB) anything higher. One look at the various organizations that UMB has under its wing is enough to tell you what a poor job the organization does. For example, UMB has yet to force WRUW to play less obscure music. Demonstrating yet another lapse in judgement, UMB has repeatedly ignored our pointed suggestion that an organization named Discussions should really only publish discussions for research and cut out the introductions, methods and results. Honestly, they brought that on themselves. Worst of all, however, was that UMB did not enforce The Athenian’s buyout of The Observer last year. Such a lack of responsibility cannot be tolerated, and UMB must begin to make significant changes next semester if it wants to bring its grade up.


History of the Southern Italian Peninsula: C+
This class is amongst the top five of this writer’s undergraduate career. However, other members of The Athenian staff pointed out that it did have one significant downside. Although the professor provided us with Italian food representative of the entire southern region to help us better understand the culture, we never actually visited Italy. So while there were no other complaints about this class, we as a staff felt unable to award History of the Southern Peninsula a grade higher than a C+.

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