Shit Case Kids Say Crossword Clues



4. “_____ warning!”
9. “I just feel like Katy Perry living in a _____ dream.”
10. “The only critically _____ movie I’ve ever seen is ‘The Big Lebowski.’”
11. “It was only like -10 degrees out, not _____ at all.”
12. “I heard him say ‘y’all’ once so you know he’s a _____.”
15. “You better _____ that bottle, dude.”
17. “This is zero-_____ water.”
20. “That League score was hella _____.”
21. “God, everyone who goes to Case is such a _____.”
23. “It’s time for a ‘Community’ style _____ war up in here.”
24. “Bitches always be dropping out of their part of the group project. I don’t get no _____.”
25. “Stop messing with me with all your _____.”


1. “Okay but what color hoodie were the _____ in the security alert wearing?”
2. “Dude, I am ready to _____ this guest lecturer so hard.”
3. “Remain _____, the answer was right, it just wasn’t the right number of significant figures.”
4. “Yesterday I did some hardcore studying at Algebra _____.”
5. “I don’t mean to _____ a riot but there is a misspelling on this PowerPoint.”
6. “I mean, I didn’t do it _____, but at least I did it.”
7. “I’ll get back to my homework, I just need a little _____ of what fun is like first.”
8. “I’m so artsy, I basically am _____ Residential College.”
13. “Class is getting so intense that I bought a filing cabinet for all my _____.”
14. “I think my RA hated all of his _____.”
16. “I’m spending this summer working on Bernie Sanders’ _____.”
17. “There are just no more men with _____ in college anymore.”
18. “This class goes on forever, I just need an _____.”
19. “I made the _____ on my paper like six lines long.”
22. “Dude, that is so _____.”

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