Skype interview takes devastating turn for the worst

Anastazia Vanisko

A Case Western Reserve University student was recently humiliated during a Skype interview with the company of his dreams when his interviewer asked him to stand during the interview. Not expecting this tragic turn of events, the student was wearing only boxers.

The student, who wished to remain anonymous due to the shame in which this incident resulted, had assumed that he could present his would-be employer with a professional upper body and ignore the rest.

“Who asks you to stand up during a Skype interview? No one. Skype interviews are supposed to be chill, right?” the student said, still in shock from his experience.

When preparing for the interview, the student put on a crisp white dress shirt, a stunning blazer, his lucky bowtie and his ruby cufflinks, a family heirloom. Apparently they matched the lucky bowtie perfectly.

The interview started off quite well. The student made sure to sit erect in order to demonstrate his impeccable posture, always made direct eye contact with his interviewer, and folded his hands in front of him (this also helped him to show off his cufflinks, the student reported). Eventually the interview became a mixture of relevant employment questions and comments on the student’s outfit.

The interviewer was so impressed by the upper ensemble that he asked the student to stand up and model the outfit. At this point, a look of horror froze upon the student’s face. Somehow missing this, the interviewer urged him to stand. It was then that the student was forced to reveal that on his lower half he was wearing nothing but Spiderman boxers (which, with painful irony, happened to match his bowtie).

Though the interviewer was clearly uncomfortable at this unexpected view, he covered it well. With a practiced deftness he congratulated the student on a well-done interview and informed him that they would be in touch.

The interviewer was unavailable for comment at this time. Apparently he has asked to never be assigned an interview with a CWRU student again.


Skype Interview in Boxers_Barnabas Brennan

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