Spartans take the win in alternative sports

Sabanrab Bocaj
Sports Fan? We have those?

This season has been lucrative for Case Western Reserve’s alt sports competitors. While many students joke about Case not being well known for its athleticism, they have been pleasantly surprised by the raging success of some of the lesser-known sports teams on campus.


Spartans have been in the news recently for everything from table top tennis to tobogganing, and it is certainly raising morale. Always be sure to keep up-to-date on some of your favorite student athletes and their accomplishments.


Speaking of table tennis, CWRU’s team beat longtime rival Carnegie Mellon at the district championship in men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles and coed quadruples. Spartans also placed second in the Wii Tennis open. Freshman Jeffery Allans received the Gump award for sportsmanship, and Laura Hall broke the competition record for returns. Yuri Dvorak won the Golden Paddle, formerly held by CMU’s ping pong captain Jason Card.


The success has not stopped there. The mixed-sled regional collegiate invitational was delayed because of low temperatures, but CWRU was still able to take the gold in several categories. Coach James Faye reflected on his struggle to garner interest for it. “People don’t really care about the luge, still, but I feel like my childhood aspirations have been validated vicariously through my mentees,” he said afterwards.


The curling club made semifinals after a disqualification on one of Oberlin’s alternates. Star player Michael Combs began with a biter but followed up with a double takeout. He and Janet Daniels aced their delivery for the rest of the competition, but Mike Connolly sustained an injury on the hog line and had to be escorted off the ice by stretcher. Jiang Yu took his place and helped the team gain a winning edge over the opponents. Word is Connolly is in full recovery, but still wonders how he could get hurt in curling.


The Case Cricket Club dominated at nationals this month, owing its success to the fact that few schools in its division had enough players to compete. John Fangboner pitched several no-hitters while Kasey Mann scored 10 runs alone. Lin Zhang tagged the opposing team’s last out, winning the game. CWRU President Barbara Snyder honored the Cricket Club on Monday at a special session of USG to vote on increased funding for sports clubs that do better than the football team.


The women’s indoor three-legged race team qualified for states. The men’s team has improved its times, but did not place. Manu Bandi, captain of the men’s team, says his teammates are really coming together this season and that it is “Okay that we didn’t win this time around,” since, “there’s always next weekend.” Clara Wilson, however, said she was ready to beat the competition and bring home all the glory. She plans to hold a feast in honor of her victory over the “thralls of her enemies,” as she worded it.


Cameron Gonzalez earned Most Valuable Player for the Hotdog Eating team this year. He says his teammates were the most important part of his success. The team competed in the Wooster Invitational last month. Because the organizers expected spring to be in full motion, the event was held outside, and the supply of hot dogs froze. Billy Hanson, senior, was still able to get down about 20, despite the circumstances.


All eyes were on the Spartans at the Staring Contest Team’s fourth championship win. Grant Andres and Baris Ilkin tied with 34 minutes and 26 seconds on the clock. Jemma Kristi was disqualified when she fell asleep with her eyes open. Captain Ilken, commenting on the victory, said, “It wasn’t easy; we had to watch out for Wittenberg the whole time.”


In the recent League of Legends regional conference, several Spartans were spotlighted for top jungle creep scores. Kim Flanders and William Khan were recognized for most dragon kills, and Jordan Gaines earned Best of Show: AP bruiser. Spartans also received awards for most effective ganks and lane setups overall. Many CWRU undergraduates have not left their rooms for days, and some professors cancelled classes or had guest lecturers.


After all this great press coverage, this next athletic season promises to be just as eventful. It’s always encouraging to know that CWRU is good at some kind of sport.

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