Student orgs follow university’s lead, become need-aware

By Nita Ware

After the implementation of Case Western Reserve University’s controversial “Meet Full Greed” policy, many students expressed disappointment with the institution. Public opinion has shifted over the summer, as student organization leaders had time to process the policy and dig into their own families’ financial situations.

On July 10, representative leaders from many campus organizations met over Google Hangouts to discuss the change to CWRU’s admissions policy. Despite early judgements of the new policy, all present agreed that it would actually increase diversity on campus considerably: The number of students with diversified stock portfolios is expected to rise immensely.

“Plus, current students are already in, so why worry about whether we would have been admitted under the new policy?” a USG officer noted.

However, leaders are concerned that the change in campus population may not translate to student group budgets. Thus, they voted unanimously to adopt a need-aware policy for student organizations to mirror that of the university. Unfortunately, the University Diversity Collaborative representative was unable to vote on this due to not being invited to the meeting.

Implementation of the decision will vary based on organization. Some groups plan to increase membership fees, while others simply want to choose wealthier members to eliminate all those awkward conversations when poor members object to expensive activities.  According to the captain of one of CWRU’s intramural sports teams, making this change will allow organizations to do “so much more cool stuff.”

Following this meeting, USG has revised its previous referendum on the “Meet Full Greed” policy. Where it originally demanded the release of statistics on each admitted class, it now demands the release of statistics on each member of the admitted class.

While the University will only consider need for 10% of each admitted class (that 10% being chosen Hunger Games-style by President Barbara Snyder in an Effie Trinket costume), USG is collecting information on all accepted students. University Admissions staff have expressed excitement over this development. Student organizations scurrying to recruit the wealthiest students through any means necessary will considerably bolster university outreach, they feel.

Throughout the meeting of student leaders, Greek Life representatives had largely remained silent.

“Honestly it’s about time the rest of the orgs caught on,” says an InterFraternity Congress official. “Greek Life is literally so far ahead in this, we have a ‘legacy’ category just for kids whose families we already know have dough.”

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