Students fight for new honors fraternity ΣΕΧ on campus


Reported by Otter Diggs, student affairs reporter

While the Greek community is abuzz about its own expansion, less people are aware of the arrival of a new co-ed honors fraternity known as Sigma Epsilon Chi, or ΣΕΧ.

Based on the values of virtue, service, and friendship, ΣΕΧ is a national society dedicated to general excellence in the undergraduate career and throughout life.  The fraternity likes to jokingly claim that it has been in existence since “the dawn of man,” but its official founding wasn’t until 1869 at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, then known as Beaver College.  According to the fraternity’s history, bored students found the lack of campus activities unacceptable and started having ΣΕΧ meetings as a result.  Original ΣΕΧ meetings included one-on-one or group interactions where students learned to become model citizens and developed lasting friendships.  The organization has now reached almost every campus in the nation, and is even present in a few online university chat rooms, yet it was mostly unheard of at CWRU until just recently.

During the last fall semester several bored CWRU students were searching for a way to alleviate their frustration when the eager students found ΣΕΧ online and decided to contact the organization.  When asked about the initial contact with CWRU, ΣΕΧ’s national president Jenna Talia remarked, “It was surprising that such a well-endowed and -loved group hadn’t reached CWRU already, and the fraternity immediately sought to rectify the situation.” However, upon request for affiliation, ΣΕΧ members were promptly kicked off campus and driven underground. Initially, ΣΕΧ made an attempt to appeal the school’s decision, a time during which both parties came to a head as the opposing sides could not come to an agreement on the organization’s place on campus.

“I guess we were too much for CWRU to handle,” mused Talia.  The interaction reached a climax when school officials reportedly told the group that they believed the majority of CWRU students would have no interest in ΣΕΧ and those few that did show interest would most likely not qualify for ΣΕΧ initiation anyways.

Persistent students were not perturbed by CWRU’s denial of ΣΕΧ and are currently working hard to give the group a good image and make its name well known on and off campus.  “Although we’re not officially recognized by CWRU yet, we really have a lot of big things to offer to our fellow students,” said Richard Johnson, a third year Economics major and the group’s current president. “We’re a tradition-rich organization looking to show people that most learning is done outside of the classroom.”  Even Talia has said that ΣΕΧ nationals will continue to support the students’ endeavors on campus, “We really like to stay on top of these things,” Talia stated, “it’s important to get in quickly and make sure that everyone is pleased with the finished results.”

Despite the current setback, the group has decided to plow ahead as if nothing is amiss.  ΣΕΧ is even throwing its own mini Greek Week competitions that may include the infamous lubed cucumber toss that has been a part of past social Greek events here at CWRU.  “I think a mini Greek Week will be great PR for the organization,” said Johnson. “Other students will get to see the personal bonds that make ΣΕΧ so much fun, and I know people are excited about that lubed cucumber!”  Current members hope that if enough interest is generated in the group, school officials will have no choice but to allow, and possibly encourage, students to participate in ΣΕΧ as an official campus activity.  “We’re really looking forward to reaching out and touching the student body,” said Johnson.

Stimulated by this article?  Want to learn more? ΣΕΧ is currently looking to enlarge its membership.  Interested persons should get in touch with Johnson directly.

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