Study Tips

Sarah Whelan

1. As finals approach, spend the last few weeks relaxing and getting caught up on TV and socialization, so that when it finally becomes the absolute last possible moment you will be refreshed, relaxed and ready to work really hard.

2. Be sure to tweet about how much you have to study and keep all of your followers updated on how much you still have left.

3. Put off the SAGES essay until the Sunday before it is due. Essays are like diamonds—all shine and no substance, and better written under pressure.

4. With the nice, warm sun this spring has brought us, spend a little time tanning to prepare for a wonderful summer vacation on the beach.

5. Make sure all the people you hate on Facebook are struggling, too, by liking all their current statuses.

6. The night or weekend before the final try to sleep as little as possible. That way information isn’t lost while you dream.

7. If you must sleep some reasonable amount of time (2-3 hours tops), sleep with the textbook beneath your pillow—osmosis is a proven science.

8. Five words: Caffeinated Drinks. Only caffeinated drinks.

9. Hey! Did you see this funny cat video? Or this one? ALL of the Smosh episodes?

10. Be sure to go to class—lecture halls are the most comfortable places to sleep before the stress of finals.

11. Before you study get caught up on Tumblr.

12. Instagram your review sheet #nofilter

13. Claim your place at the library by napping on the most comfortable chair you can find. Get there before the crowds and stay until finals—why do you think they have a café and (almost) beds? So you would go home or something?

14. Go out to eat to celebrate the end of the semester.

15. When in doubt guess “C.”

16. Get a group together to complai- study with.

17. Don’t start too early. You’ll forget all the information. The best time to study for something is the day of, or if you must, the day before.

18. Listen to music with 140 bpm to get worked up while studying.

19. Don’t write down everything you have to do—it will be overwhelming. Just wing it. The things you forgot to do weren’t important anyway.

20. Watch TV: Check Netflix’s new releases. See that show everyone is talking about. Being worldly is just as important as being book-smart.

21. Watch Saturday morning cartoons—recalling a more carefree time of life will be relaxing.

22. Google your subject -> Wikipedia -> Hitler (All of Wikipedia will get you to Hitler – hope you were studying for history.)

23. Binge watch at least one season of your favorite show—popcorn is brain food!

24. Read a humor magazine to get in a better mood before studying.

25. Say that you’ll write an article for The Athenian when you should be writing a SAGES essay.

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