Summer’s Reality TV Hits

Julia Bianco

Summer TV can often be a wasteland, with networks sending their worst shows to die while would-be viewers spend their time on other activities like hanging out with friends or actually going outside. This summer, though, the networks managed to push out some great new reality shows that kept viewers glued to their couches where they belong all summer long. Here were this summer’s biggest reality hits you’ll have to catch up on:

5. “Tomb Improvement”
In ABC’s summer popcorn reality series, interior designer Tash McCreedy redesigns the final resting homes of famous individuals throughout history. With her top team of decorators, McCreedy manages to take old, outdated tombs and turn them into the party areas that they should be. McCreedy’s addition of top notch sound systems and dance floors takes tombs from sham to glam. You’ll love watching what she is able to do with these old crypts.

4. “I Love the… 1340’s”
One of this summer’s smash hits, this continuation of the “I Love the…” series took the show back in time to the days of the Black Death, where comedians talk about their fond memories of wonderful things like boils, dirt and never brushing your teeth. The episode was a runaway hit, with everyone eager to relive memories of the world’s glory days.

3. “America’s Next Top Jewish Wrestler”
WWE wrestling is so played out. Seeing big guys crawling all over each other is no fun anymore, so why not watch scrawny white guys do it? Spike’s “America’s Next Top Jewish Wrestler” brings the nerdy guys to the forefront. Seeing them whine over broken glasses is great but seeing their mothers heckling the referees from the audience is even better.

2. “The Next Big Ant Queen”
Travel into the glorious world of ants with TLC’s reality series “The Next Big Ant Queen.” The series follows the ant colony located at the fourth picnic bench near Blergmidgeon Lake in Springville, Massachusetts and their newly crowned queen, Betty, as she deals with the numerous trials and tribulations that come with ruling such a large and diverse society. Betty has to deal with issues like finding breadcrumbs for her people, getting revenge on the large, black boot that constantly disrupts order and balancing her many ant love interests, all while dealing with her crazy parents and spoiled younger brother who just might try to usurp her throne. Although the ants can’t speak any English, the drama is palpable on their faces, making the entire show irresistible for any reality television fan.

1. “Diddling on the Roof”
This show helped us figure out the answer to that age-old question: Who can last the longest while jerking off on a precipitously ledged roof? Pitting 10 guys against each other in an all out war, this show is the most intense reality competition series of the summer. The high stakes (one contestant fractured his spine after a particularly nasty fall from the roof mid-masturbation session) add to the intensity and drama of the series, but the personal drama surrounding the series’ deep conflicts is what really makes it great.

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