Jeff Brisket

Homs, Syria—In a small house on the outer fringes of Homs, Syrian parents Malek and Lama Isstaif are very excited to hear their son Tariq’s last words.

“It’s just an incredible moment, you know?” Malek explained. “Your last words can say so much, and when we hear them come from our boy, it will just mean the world to us.”

The couple noted that they would be ready to capture the moment on their phones, no matter where the event occurs. They explained how whether Tariq is visiting a mosque at the same time as al-Qaeda operatives, attending classes in a building that’s merely adjacent to an ISIS recruiting meeting or even just taking shelter in the wrong building, they will be film-ready when an airstrike hits.

“And that’s not even counting the possibility that even the rebels or government themselves, might be there,” explained Malek, showing off a camera filter that would be able to penetrate through sulfur mustard, nerve agent sarin or any number of particulate gases.

“The real excitement is we never know what they’re going to be,” gushed Lama. At press time, neither parent had realized that those last words would also be Tariq’s first words.

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