The 6 worst internships

By Tejas Joshi



1. Whole Foods provides several mentally grueling internships. Interns answer questions in-store from concerned customers, such as “How can I be sure that my Finnish sea salt is organic?” or “Is this avocado chemical-free?” The company mandates interns complete classes like “BPA-free GMOs” and “Intro to Pretty Good Adjectives” before starting work, as it roughly halves the number of workers institutionalized annually.










2. Apple internships are popular, especially due to the company’s quirky and fun benefits such as free snacks, nap rooms and a company trampoline. Less popular is the non-compete stipulation that interns cannot use skills gained during the period at any other company. Interns are required to forget anything learned when leaving Apple. This backtracking is especially difficult for those who make friends or improve at hobbies while interning.








3. WebMD has several internships for students with a passion for self-diagnosis. Unfortunately, the company training-grounds is 50 meters away from a storage facility for nuclear waste. Every employee actually has cancer.










4. Riot Games is famous for creating League of Legends, the most played video game in history. The company’s love for gaming permeates its internship program, where ‘players’ earn points through tasks such as filing papers or submitting reports. Interns purchase weapons with those points for the end-of-year battle royale, in which the last employee standing wins a full-time position.







5. Symantec interns are famous for having both high salaries and enormous stress levels. Interns mainly produce increasingly efficient and powerful viruses to target competitor anti-virus firms such as Norton and AVG while defending against the same. Unfortunately, the company’s reputation took a hit in 2008 after lax sanitary procedures at an Alabama branch led to a deadly outbreak of the Marburg virus, killing 12.




FannieMae-Logo6. Fannie Mae recently surpassed the $100 billion mark in profits and offers the most internships of any financial institution. Despite this, the mortgage giant suffers from a shockingly low survival rate of interns at 29 percent, a full 15 percent below the national average.


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