The Athenian’s Honorable Mentions

Ideas that didn’t quite make the cut

Anne Nickoloff, editor-in-chief

Putting together an issue of The Athenian is a process that takes a few weeks. First, we have a brainstorming meeting where anybody is able to sit in with a great group of people, eat food and talk about the next issue. We scribble down every idea we can, experience hand cramps and then the executive board brews these thoughts in our minds for a couple of days like a bowl of humor soup.

Then, exec gets together, reviews the ideas from the Brainstorming Meeting and hashes out a list that will best suit the next issue of The Athenian. Different things like “time of year” and “theme of issue” and “is this offensive” and, most importantly, “funny?” are our main criteria. If an idea gets all the check marks, it is good to go.

Then there are a bunch of other boring steps, and then, suddenly, a glorious, shiny, brand new Athenian is on the distribution racks, ready to be picked up by our beautiful readers. (Like you!)

But every month, when the executive board gets together to discuss the ideas written on paper, we have a hard time deciding the ideas that get into The Athenian, and those which don’t. Sometimes we face an idea that we just don’t have enough context for. Sometimes, it’s just the wrong time for a pun to blossom into a full-blown story. Sometimes we just don’t really get the jist of it.

This issue, we decided to share some of those ideas that didn’t quite make it into the main pages.

Here are The Athenian’s honorable mentions:


  • Petition to change CWRU colors to something less depressing
  • Workers paint mural on ceiling of Strosacker for sleeping students to have something to look at
  • Synopses for Straight-to-TV Disney movies
  • Where do flowers go in the winter?
  • Follow up to “50 Shades of Grey”… didn’t have any grey
  • The Adventures of Stick
  • Something about satire
  • Something about unicorns
  • Something about robins
    • Something about birds in general
  • Student tries to use Sharpie to dye their skin and ends up turning the bathtub a color
  • Fountain being rainbow
  • Colored flower debate for Valentine’s Date
    • The Athenian’s guide to flower buying… love, trust, you hate her guts, etc.


Thank you to all the various contributors who came to the Color Issue’s brainstorming meeting. Without you, we would not have been able to create this list. And without your help, the mag wouldn’t be what it is today.

And just remember that, here at The Athenian, no idea is a bad idea.

(Some of them just need work.)

Come join us at our next brainstorming meeting, and email for more details about The Athenian’s magazine-creation process, if you’re interested in helping out.

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