The best March Madness drinks

march maddness

  • “The Party Planner”: Half Vodka, Half Gatorade, served in a Gatorade bottle in front of a blind police officer.
  • “True Gentleman”: Keystone, Natural Light and 151 spilled on the bar, mopped up with a polo shirt and squeezed into a highball glass.
  • “The Shining Starr”: Sour mix, salt, smiley faced sticker. Simple, but classic.
  •  “Study Aid”: Six 8 oz Cans of Redbull and 1 handle of the finest Kamchatka vodka on hand. Served in a thermos for ease of transport into KSL!
  • “Total Frat Mixed Drink”: 2 shots of Makers Mark, 2 Shots of Jack Daniels, served in a solo cup, mixed with a paddle.
  • “Freshman 15”: 2 Cups of Natural with a Jimmy John’s sandwich wedge as garnish
  • “Buzzed Major Eventually” 2 oz. of bourbon, 2 oz. of whiskey, 2 oz. of vodka, 2 oz. of scotch, 2 oz. of anything else on the bar, served in a highball glass with a major declaration form as a napkin.
  • “Cleveland Breeze”: whiskey, salt, dry-ice cubes.
  • “Freshman Special”: The finest Natural Light on tap, served at room temperature, haphazardly poured into a red Solo cup for the low, low price of $10.
  •  “34 Degrees” (The Cleveland Forecast): 4 oz. Grey Creme de Cacao, Grey Goose vodka, salt-lined glass.
  •  “8:30 AM Wake-Up”: 32 oz. of Monster Energy to open the eyes, 32 oz. of vodka to brighten your day.

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