The Case Western Reserve Newcomer’s Glossary

Letty Dorndfeld

Club KSL- The only non-carding club and bar on campus that is open all night. Club KSL’s loud dubstep music echoes across a five-mile radius, especially during finals.


The Elephant Stairs- The wooden stairs that go up the hill on South Side. They’re like the stairs that go up an Aztec temple. True, they’re nowhere near as steep, but you are given as an offering to the gods after you die from exhaustion on your way up.


Little Italy- A photography student’s wet dream. It has restaurants that you’ll want to be in but can’t afford and apartments that you can afford but don’t want to be in.  


Mitchell’s- On-campus emergency recovery center for bad grades and bad breakups.


The Morley Building- The vine-covered building between Rockefeller and Millis that was built in 1910 and evacuated in the 1980s after a massive mercury spill in one of the labs.This asbestos-ridden building is an excellent way to test the theory that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”


The Tink- The $50 million climate-controlled hallway that keeps students on their way to class cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Most of its walls are made from transparent glass, much to the chagrin of the LGBT Center and the Cleveland Fire Department.


Officer Tolliver- The crossing guardian angel who brings a smile to everyone’s face each day and even leaves out sweet treats on the corner of Euclid and Adelbert on exam days. Love him or hate him, you’ll get to hear him yell, “Happy ___day!” for the next four years of your college career.


The Ugly Statue- David Davis’ attempt at being deep and profound through contemporary art. It sits between Raymond and Sherman on North Side, mirroring the pretentiousness of the students who walk around it.


University Hospitals (UH)- The source of the ambulances that will make sure you never sleep again.  


The Weather Machine- Babs’ secret project with the School of Engineering that she keeps in the Morley Building with her Babsmobile. Her most successful trial run with it was during the Class of 2016 graduation ceremony when hail and snow fell from the sky in May.

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