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The Minions

Anne Nickoloff – Editor in Chief

Annie Nickoloff is a junior at Case Western, which translates into her being a ball of stress 85 percent of the time. While she’s not panicking about assignments, she enjoys running The Athenian as its editor-in-chief, helping to bring a few laughs to the craziest of CWRU days. She loves cats, burritos and anything punny.
As an English and Psychology major, Annie aspires to rise above the Humanities “barista barrier” someday. However, even if she did brew coffee to make money while working on a novel at night, she would still be pretty happy due to her caffeine addiction.
Annie is often seen waiting in line at Chipotle, rocking in front of Guilford and walking around in fountains at night.

Mahima Devarajan – Managing Editor
If Mahima’s life could be summed up in 1 paragraph, she would die of embarrassment.
Please get to know her in person.

Raymond Krajci – Head of Design

Tejas Joshi – Business Manager

Tejas Joshi is a sophomore and math major who, despite his love for satire, really hates meeting word-count limits. As the Business Manager for the Athenian, he secretly hopes to siphon off enough money to install strategically placed escalators around campus so he won’t have to walk down the Elephant Stairs every day. Tejas plans to become a doctor and hopes that spending enough time around funny people at the Athenian will allow some humor to rub off on himself and, one day, his patients. In his spare time at CWRU, (so not very often) Tejas enjoys April Fool’s pranks, constructing ethical systems from scratch, candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach.

If you like to debate, proselytize, or provoke, Tejas strongly recommends that you join the staff at The Athenian. Just remember that in following any of his (often terrible but always funny) advice, you agree to indemnify Tejas from liability for personal injury, property damage, wrongful death, or any other loss, damage, or cost that they may incur. This bio is supposed to be 200 words so, with luck and enough punctuation marks, these last few, perfectly placed words will get him there, leaving no-one the wiser.

Anastazia Vanisko – Copy Editor
Anastazia is a sophomore at CWRU double majoring in political science and dance.  No, she does not plan on one day being a senator and presenting a bill through interpretive dance, which is what one person suggested doing with that combo of majors. In her free time/when she’s avoiding doing homework, Anastazia likes to go on adventures exploring Cleveland (but hopefully not getting lost) with friends, roaming around Little Italy and into coffee shops, and dancing, naturally! Anastazia began writing for the Athenian when she first came to Case, and was excited to find such a quirky and fun group of people. She also writes for The Observer and dances in MaDaCol performances.


Greg Ritechey – Copy Editor
Greg was born and raised in a small town far far away from Cleveland, Ohio (like 20 miles east). As an eager young chap he decided to attend a university in a city known for its great weather and winning sports teams. Now a junior here at Case, Greg has decided to take a road less traveled by for most science majors and begin writing for the wonderfulAthenian. Hopefully his strange but unique sense of humor can bring someone other than his mother some joy in life.
Academically, Greg is majoring in biochemistry and minoring in mathematics. He seems to be the only student at CWRU who wishes to attend medical school after completing his undergrad…weird.
Outside of the magical world of academia, Greg enjoys playing and listening to music. On his top ten list of possible career choices, famous musician ranks fifth right behind underwater welder. He also has a slight obsession with animals, mainly dogs. Greg’s favorite movie is anything without Kevin James and/or where no animals are harmed (the obsession is deep). This should be an exciting and fun-filled year for the Athenian and it will be a pleasure to serve the good people of Case. Just remember, as Rihanna once said, “Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake.”


Julia Bianco – Ad Manager
Julia is a junior at CWRU, double majoring in Cognitive Science and Political Science, basically ensuring that she’ll never, ever get a job. She’s the Ad Manager for The Athenian, so she likes to take people’s money. Outside of The Athenian, she’s also the News Editor for The Observer and a die hard fan of horrible reality television.

Ben Grill – Distribution Manager

Sarah Whelan – Layout and Web Manager

Sarah is a Sophomore Computer Science major at CWRU – and it is only that reason she was put in charge of this website. She also holds the super important Layout Manager position where she works very very hard putting all of the stories into a nicely designed magazine. While most people don’t think she is all that funny – she still manages to laugh about random musings she has about the world. Outside of the Athenian her hobbies include eating and sleeping.