The Promise Land of CWRU Restaurants

Grace Gunderman Contributing Writer

It’s impossible to go to this Cleveland restaurant without seeing someone you know. The line can take hours, even days. People flock in hoards and droves; I’ve always been impressed when I see the line stretch all the way to the door. Their food may not be five stars, but once you reach the front, it doesn’t even matter— you would start eating your snow boots if you had to wait any longer. But, if you do choose to eat them, make sure to pick the rubber out of your teeth when you’re done.

This restaurant is a good place to bring a first date. Waiting in line gives you plenty of time to chat with them, and decide if they would be worth introducing to your friends. It’s also a good chance to flee in the opposite direction. When you reach the promised land, you can finally pay for that golden, delicious burrito. At this point, if your date is bad, then at least it will soon be over, and you can think about chowing down. Maybe your eating habits will even scare them off.

After the line of people, your options stretch in front of you, limitless. If you chose everything, your plate would look more like a mountain. And if you attempted to eat it all, well, your stomach would probably explode. Nobody wants to be covered in your guts; trust me.

Now that you have reached the promised land, you have to make many choices: carbs, no carbs or fried carbs; black, brown or white; vegetables, chicken, pork or beef; and then select from a plethora of toppings. This restaurant caters to vegetarians and carnivores. Starting first with the carbs business, if you are not concerned for your well-being, just go for it. All of it. And if you REALLY don’t care, or are craving some sort of crunch, go for the fried carbs. On the other hand, if you want to keep that slim figure, you may want to go for the no carb, salad base option. But where’s the fun in that?

Anyway, once you’ve made these basic decisions, you have to move on to the next set of choices. The person behind the counter will ask you “Which do you want?” and point. You then have to pick black, brown or white. Once that is complete, you have your choice of meats, vegetables, salsas, cheese and sour cream.

The combinations offered are almost limitless, and the proportions are large enough to keep even the young student’s appetite full. When you first get your food, it’s wrapped in foil, and feels like a large brick. But, then again, it still tends to feel like a large brick once it’s in your stomach. At that point you don’t really care because you are full, and consequently happy. Many of you may be wondering, “What is this restaurant? Where is this restaurant?”

Let me tell you, I am speaking of a local Mexican Food hot spot in the Triangle. It exists for many campus residents, as well as non-campus residents. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that this restaurant’s success trumps the flavorlessness of the dining hall: at that point, anything seems good.

This restaurant definitely is one I would pick if I needed any of the following: a large meal for cheap, somewhere to drown my feelings or somewhere to spend large amounts of time in a line. If you are looking for any of those things, I would definitely recommend you go in for a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Welcome to Chipotle.

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