Anne Nickoloff

Editor’s Note
– What type of student are you?
Freshman goes crazy over snow
– “So beautiful… wait it’s cold.”
App automatically presses snooze button
– Just keep sleeping
Fall 2014 SAGES Lazy Award
– SAGES essay got an award I guess
Tips to avoid doing homework
– Clean your damn room
Sleeping students
– We creeped on our napping friends; deal w/ it
The Vicious cycle of laziness
– Who even needs a shower anymore?
Basicness infects CWRU
– Pumpkin Spice & UGG boots 4eva
CWRU’s 2014 graduation speech
– A procrastinated speech
Thousands of new scholarships
available to CWRU students
– (just kidding)
2016 Presidential Elections
– Hillary Clinton is running
Netflix users too lazy to click to next episode
– Something about “Breaking Bad”
XXX Family Presents The 25 Days of Dickmas
– Holiday pornos
Area student realizes he doesn’t know family well enough to buy them heartwarming Christmas presents
– The title of this article is long enough to give you the jist of things
When laziness overcomes cheapness…
– Cheap Starbucks is good Starbucks
Heated vents new hot spot on campus
– Business by the vents
Lazy Song Parody
– A better version than Bruno’s
– Pictures and things
A message from your friendly neighborhood food deliverer
– Stop ordering takeout.
5 Ways to Deal with the End of the Semester
– Memes and things
Traffic Advisory
– Birds getting real tired tho

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