Top 10 places that are the friendliest to outsiders

Jolly Saperstein

Running out of places to hang out? Tired of seeing the same old faces? Try any of these places and I promise you’ll be having a great time in 10 minutes or less.

12. An Art Museum
Grab a beret, a box of wine and some big words, and you’ll fit right in.
11. Browns Stadium
Best emotional support group in Cleveland. There’s always a shoulder to cry on.
10. Your Mom’s Basement
Pay rent or gtfo.
9. North Korea
Okay, now imagine your mom’s house. Then replace the house with a shack, the meals with a grain of rice, the backyard with a prison camp and your mom with Kim Jong Un.
8. Flint, Michigan
I hear all of the corn is pretty friendly. Plus, its location along the Flint river provides easy access to the city water, which is known for its distinct flavor.
7. Skid Row
The homeless person’s Rodeo Drive.
6. Calabasas, CA
Chill with the most influential innovators of our time—Kim K and Kylie J—while grabbing a Venti frap and a Louis V. Totes fun.
5. Russia
If Snowden can hang with Putin over there, why can’t you?
4. Arkansas
You get a flag! You get a flag! We all get Confederate flags!!
3. The Eiffel Tower
Insider tip: Shout at locals in English. They think it’s hot.
2. The United Kingdom
Fake the accent, and discuss your obsession with America with devout patriotism.
1. The U.S.–Mexico Border
Nothing brings back that cozy feeling better than setting eyes on a tall barbed wire fence that runs for miles. Pull up a lawn chair. You’ll have a blast.

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